When the perp dates a friend of yours…

I had a roommate whose boyfriend raped me.

He just showed up at our apartment one night when she was out of town. I answered the door and told him that P was out of town. I mean, wouldn’t he have known that? He pushed his way in. He sat in a chair facing me. I didn’t know what to say to him…he was my roommate’s boyfriend.

He brought out a joint. So we made small talk for a while, but he had a predatory look on his face and he sat in a chair facing me in a manner that was obvious to anyone who has any understanding of body dynamics.

I wanted him to leave, so I said I had to take a shower. I expected him to leave but he came after me. Now this guy was 6’4″ when I pushed him away from me, I had no way to fight him. I couldn’t believe how strong he was. So he wrestled me toward the back of the apartment but I couldn’t take him to my bedroom. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. No way was I going to let him into my bed.

We got in the shower and I couldn’t face him. I faced the wall. But when a guy wants to fuck you, he’s going to take his time. Eventually I wanted this to be over, so I faced him. And he fucked me so hard the shower tiles fell off the wall. That was a shock! And he had the nerve to try to get me into my bedroom so he could finish! Didn’t happen.

I was unable to articulate to my roommate what had happened. When it came out, she thought I had seduced her bum of a boyfriend. She couldn’t see what had happened. So she moved out. And she eventually married that rapist. No way was I the only woman he raped. Fucker. She was so quick to believe him.

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