When the perp is obsessed with you…

You have to watch out for the ones who are obsessed with you. You have caught their eye and they won’t take no for an answer. You, however, are oblivious. How could you know what they intend for you? Why must a woman always be on her guard?

PH pestered me all the time. He had a crush on me. Not my problem. He didn’t interest me in the least. But he was there, mooning and watching. This is high school.  You become their focus.

This is the one who broke into my house the night before my family moved to Norway for a year. He decided he had to have me, so he broke into my house.  I was 15. We were leaving at 5 am to head to a train station to go to NY to catch a boat to Norway. Our dog was already being taken care of by someone, so no help there. We were drugged to help us sleep on this eve of our adventure. Dramamine. The answer to excited kids when traveling. Then I woke up in my sleeping bag in the middle of the night being raped.

My sister tells me that once I agreed to go out with him. I forced my sister to come along. I mean FORCED her to come along. I don’t remember if this was before or after we went to Norway. But no way was I going to be alone with him. See—I didn’t even want to go out with him. He wore me down. Just constantly asking for a date…begging really. Pathetic. Why couldn’t I just say no?

How do you protect against the obsessed fan? Beautiful women have been dealing with this for forever.

Once I worked for a company and a pedophile who also worked there became obsessed with me. I looked very young. I looked about 12 when I was in my twenties. He really, really wanted me to go out with him. I wasn’t interested, but men try to wear you down. My boss actually told me he was a pedophile. He never wore me down, and I never went out with him. But in retrospect, he is in the same category as the first.

Sometimes all it takes is a glimpse of you. I know a woman who had a guy follow her from the gas station. He saw her once and then boom! He had to have her. Think about what starlets must go through.

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